iglidur® PRT - polymer slewing ring bearing

Polymer slewing ring bearing

iglidur® PRT is a slewing ring bearing with the proven advantages of the igus® polymer bearings. The sliding elements made of iglidur® J operate absolutely maintenance and lubrication free. The mating rings of the slewing bearing are made of aluminium or stainless steel; the mating surfaces of iglidur® J sliding elements are hard-anodised. All fastening screws are made of stainless steel.

Typical sectors of industry and
application areas

Slewing ring bearings for material handling

Slewing ring bearings for automation technology

Slewing ring bearings for assembly technology

Slewing ring bearings for stagecraft and lighting technology

Slewing ring bearings for energy generation and much more.


When to use polymer slewing ring bearing?

  • When a ready-to-install solution is sought
  • As rugged, corrosion-resistant bearing unit for high loads
  • For extreme overturning torques
  • For application in alternating ambient media
  • For maintenance-free and lubrication-free applications
  • For low to medium surface speeds

When not to use ?

  • For fast, continuous rotations
  • at temperatures up to 180° C
  • When only low driving forces are available at high loads
  • For extreme requirements in roundness and precision

iglidur® PRT Expert

Новости 2017  

Новости 2017

iglidur® PRT с профилактическим обслуживанием и многое, многое другое…

iglidur® PRT Slewing Ring Bearing - Design 01  
Slewing ring bearing
design 01

Slewing ring bearing with high stiffness

Applicable up to +180°C, high chemical resistance

Available with seal

PRT slewing ring bearing with gear teeth  
Slewing ring bearing with gear teeth

For all 6 sizes of the design 01, 4 standards are available for the toothing of the outer ring.

iglidur® PRT Slewing Ring Bearing - Design 02  
Slewing ring bearing
design 02

Slewing ring with extremely low weight:

Outer ring made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel (V4A)

PRT slewing ring bearing low cost  
Slewing ring bearing in the new low-cost design

iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearing in new low-cost design. Through consistent downsizing, a completely new design has been created that relies even more on plastic.

PRT-01 square flange  
Slewing ring bearing with square flange

The smallest PRT slewing ring bearing in installation size 20, with space saving square flange for direct installation onto flat surfaces.

PRT-01-30 with clamping function  
Slewing ring bearing with clamping function

Slewing ring bearing PRT-01-30 with head ring including clamping function for shafts with 30h7 tolerances.

PRT driven slewing ring bearing  
Slewing ring bearing with clamping function

robolink® D – powered iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearing

Delivery program  
Accessories: Hand clamp

10 Nm holding torque is attained with 1 Nm tightening torque

Delivery program  
Accessories: Drive pins

For quick and easy fastening of the drive / drive coupling

Delivery program  
Accessories: Spacing rings

Easy, flexible assembly

PRT universal glide elements  
iglidur® PRT universal glide elements

Using the versatile iglidur® PRT universal glide elements, large slewing ring systems can be modeled tailored to the type 01.

PRT angle limit  
Slewing ring bearings with individual angle limit

The slewing ring bearing enables the pivoting movement to be limited to a defined angle.

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