Conveyor Chain pikchain® for intelligent Pick & Place solutions

pikchain® - Novel machine component for machinery and equipment manufacturers in the automation sector.

Intelligent conveyor chain with integrated power & data supply

Give each conveyor link a separate function.

Equip it with grippers, suction cups, tools, sensors, cameras, and, and, and…

Reduce pick & place times drastically. Up to 30% faster.


Function and installation types for the pikchain® conveyor chain

Planning form for downloading:
Christian Strauch project manager pikchain® conveyor chain  

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I will gladly show you solution proposals for your application.

Conveyor chain pikchain® blog  

pikchain® Blog

Tips and tricks for the pikchain® - the pikchain® blog

Application pickchain® conveyor chain

Interview with Andreas Hermey, Development and Design Manager regarding the special operating principle and potential uses of the pikchain®. Interview (German)


Potential uses of the pikchain® conveyor chain in the wood industry.

pikchain® conveyor chain in destacking machine  
pikchain® as the main component in a stacking machine




Gliding elements made of iglidur® J


Air duct, transition from the c-chain to the pikchain®


Pneumatic hoses

pikchain® conveyor chain in vertical conveyor

pikchain® as a vertical conveyor for cardboard boxes (ASA in Mainhausen)

Study pikchain® conveyor chain

Study: three pikchains® as interacting components for an analysis and sorting machine for technical components

Structure pikchain® conveyor chain

A = machining units / tools
B = planar assembly surface
C = c-kette
D = = Main feed
E = Maintenance-free linear units
F = Circlet cable

pikchain® conveyor chain as pick-and-place solution  

pikchain® construction kit

The pikchain components offered by igus® give you the ability to design your customized "pick and place" robots.

The pikchain® side plates with tribological plastic gliding elements. The gliding elements glide in the guide trough. The abrasion and service life depend on three parameters: Speed, weight or surface pressure, and the gliding partner material (hard-anodized aluminum rail and plain bearing plastic).
Based on 40 years of experience and thousands of tests, igus® can always determine the ideal materials pairing for your application. The gliding elements can be purchased later as a replacement part, and are assembled with ease.

The standard delivery scope for the pikchain® consists of:


pikchain® links

Guide troughs

We can also optionally deliver:

Rotary union (slip ring)

chainflex® cables

chainflex® CF Air hoses

Not included in the scope of delivery:




Guide rollers

Tools, such as suction cups, grippers, etc.

Programming/control system

Installation types pikchain® conveyor chain

The pikchain® can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or lying on its side.

pikchain® conveyor chain horizontal installation type  
pikchain® conveyor chain vertical installation type  
pikchain® conveyor chain installation types mounted on the side  
Principle pikchain® conveyor chain  


Pneumatic hose


Conveyor chain link




Bus cable



Principle pikchain® conveyor chain  


Pneumatic hose


Integrated strain relief


Media supply system


Tool holder


chainflex® cables

Example use pikchain® conveyor chain

Example: Pick and place of a work piece with pickchain®

Example use pikchain® conveyor chain

The igus® pikchain® could conceivably use a variety of grippers, suction cups, sensors, cameras, etc.

More information:

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