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News 2020 - iglidur® barstock


Your CNC machining service for individual turned and milled parts made of iglidur®-bar stock

Extremely simple – just three steps:

1. Upload 3D model

2. Specify requirements (material, quantity, throughputs, threads, fits, etc.)

3. Get price and order component
Tech up:

  • Get prices within seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Transparency over the entire ordering process

Cost down:

  • Saves unnecessary waiting times and costs - decisions can be made quickly

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iglidur® HSD350 for hygienic continuous use

iglidur® bar stock plates made of HSD350 offer outstanding conditions for use in fluid and medical technology.

Tech up:

  • Suitable for autoclave
  • Good media resistance
  • Low moisture absorption 
Cost down:
  • Buy only what you need - free choice of length (50-1000mm)

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iglidur® E7 for low coefficients of friction

iglidur® E7 bar stock wins over customers not only because of its low coefficients of friction, but also because it can stand up to pivoting movements.

Tech up:

  • 40% lower coefficient of friction than PA6 casting
  • Quiet operation due to good dampening properties
  • Long service life with low to medium loads
Cost down:
  • Low coefficient of friction allows smooth movements and a downsizing of the drives

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iglidur® HLW for underwater applications

iglidur® HLW bar stock offers optimum conditions for underwater applications. It can withstand high loads.

Tech up:

  • Up to 50% lower coefficient of friction than PEEK and PPS
  • For underwater use
  • For high temperatures (+200°C)
  • Chemical resistance 
Cost down:
  • Approx. 50% more cost-effective than PEEK 
  • Fast and cost-effective machining for prototypes and small up to medium series requirements 

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iglidur® plate strips available in new sizes

Plate strips for delicate or bulky components. Made of proven iglidur® materials.

Tech up:

  • Four new dimensions
  • Two new materials
Cost down:
  • Buy only what you need - free choice of length (50-1000mm)
  • Four new dimensions reduce waste and processing costs

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Tribo tape liner

Our proven, wear-resistant iglidur® tribo-tape manufactured flat as sheet material.

Tech up:

  • Flat packed and delivered
  • No pre-load due to being rolled up on reel 
Cost down:
  • Save costs and choose from four dimensions according to your needs
  • Less waste

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