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Module Connect

Made to measure

The Module Connect is a new kind of plug-in connector for the connection of electric cables, fibre-optic cables and pneumatic hoses. It is characterised by a space-saving, low-profile housing and can be used wherever a large number of cables have to be connected in an installation space as small as possible .  In 2018, the Module Connect won the Red Dot Design Award.

Frequently asked questions

One connector module instead of many individual connectors

Thanks to the simple modular design,  a unique plug-in/disconnect point can be configured as a single module  consisting of several different connector housings. Each housing can be fitted with up to four different connector inserts.
The housings can then be joined together, making an almost unlimited number of module variations possible in terms of individual widths and height. Due to the low-profile housing design, the Module Connect saves a lot of space and enables a high contact density for every application.

Installation instructions of the modular plug-in connector

Configured as required and harnessed ready for connection

Save time and space with smart connector modules

Step 1: Select modules

Step 1:
Select modules

Step 2: Combine modules

Step 2:
Combine modules

Step 3: Select housing

Step 3:
Select housing

Step 4: Combine housings

Step 4:
Combine housings

7 good reasons for Module Connect

1  Flexible assembly 
Mounting bracket for wall and floor installation as well as joint connection
2  Quick identification 
Individually printed and colour-coded identification plates: 60 characters per housing
3  Lightweight and robust 
Fibre-reinforced, high-performance polymer: up to 50% lighter than conventional rectangular connectors
4  Tried and tested inserts
Up to four HARTING Han Modular inserts per housing, e.g. pneumatics, power, BUS, signal: 100 plug inserts to choose from
5  Polarised without additional coding
Individual housing configurations by combining several assembled connectors: connected in seconds
6  Safer strain relief
Strong and easy to handle due to one-piece, screw-on clamping jaw
7  Tightly sealed
Various sealing elements adapt to different cable diameters: 3 or 4 cable outlets

Module Connect

Applications with Module Connect

Modular plug-in connector for energy chains

Plug in your energy supply with just ONE connector

The connector modules can be adapted to the filling and geometry of the e-chain in one or more layers. This enables ideal cabling in terms of function and design for every application.
Combining the system with the universal strain relief system from igus enables secure attachment directly in the connector housing. The soft elements used enclose the cables and hold them securely in place without damaging them. Visually reminiscent of a honeycomb, the flexible structure adapts itself to different cable diameters which provides universal strain relief.
For Module Connect, there are a variety of application possibilities, such as at the chain fixed end or moving end, between two e-chains or for the insertion of cables in terminal boxes or switch cabinets.

Adapter ensures easy and quick connection of the energy chain

The Module Connect adapter joins the Module Connect plug-in connector and the energy chain together to form a composite assembly.

  • Save up to 80% assembly time
    Connect to the system with just a few simple steps
  • Clearly structured interface
    Simple connection of the energy chain, even without electronic skills
  • Sustainable
    Existing igus energy supply systems can be easily supplemented - the adapter is tailored to different e-chain series

Module Connect: German Design Award Winner 2021

Further information

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