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Our new dryspin products

New dryspin® lead screw size 5x10

As an alternative to trapezoidal lead screw

Thread size 5x10

▲ Tech up:
smoother and quieter operation at high speeds
Low noise and vibration-free operation
▼ Cost down:
injection moulding for cost-effective manufacturing
Maintenance-free due to self-lubricating lead screw nuts

cylindrical lead screw nuts
► Flanged lead screw nuts
► Cylindrical injection moulded nuts
► Injection moulded nuts with flange
► All types are also available with spanner flat

The new type of the series DST-JGRM

Robust and with conventional connection sizes

New thread size

▲ Tech up:
new design for safe and easy threaded connecting
Connection sizes Ø 47mm identical with generally available ball screws
▼ Cost down:
cost-effective and optimised injection-moulded design
Variable design for all Ø 14/16 and 18/20 lead screws
■  Proof:
 service life calculable online
● Sustainability:
 low weight and inertia due to polymer
long-lasting due to patented thread asymmetry

The new thread sizes

expand the dryspin high helix thread range

JGRM lead screw nuts

▲ Tech up:
up to 2.5 times greater efficiency due to optimum flange angle
Completely lubrication-free and maintenance-free
Up to 25% less wear
▼ Cost down:
cost-effective alternative to ball-type linear drives
Service life calculable online

The new dimensions:
DS6.35x2.54 LH
► DS16x10
► DS20x5


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