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Assembly Instructions for e-chain® System E3

Mounting of the E3 series
Demounting of the E3 series

System E3 - 3-piece e-chain®

System E3 Assembly The abbreviation "E3" stands for an e-chain® consisting of three basic elements: 1 Chain link body 2 Zipper style opening lids 3 Separator module

Opening / Closing

System E3 Assembly Zipper style opening lids on a band for quick and easy installation - The new e-chain system® allows faster assembling times. Opening and closing the e-chain® is made by "zipperbars on a thread"

Interior Separation and Strain Relief

System E3 Assembly Vertical separators on a band divide carrier space - Five separators in one thread are simultaneously mounted on the crossbars
System E3 Assembly The universal strain relief can be individually matched to the chain width. You can fix the e-chain® on the fixed end with brackets (option)