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e-chain® TUB

Safe guidance for corrugated tubes parallel to an e-chain®

Guide corrugated tubes parallel to E4.1L product range

  • Clip feature that enables PMA clips to be easily clipped on
  • Corrugated tubes can be guided parallel to an energy chain
  • E4.1 modular system extension
  • Now also available for the "light" E4.1L product range
  • Additional guidance for corrugated tubes
  • Easy access to the corrugated tubes
  • Quick replacement of the hoses possible
  • Save installation time and cost
  • Easy to install, without any additional screws or tools
Typical areas of application: General machine building, wherever a service must be guided outside the chain cross section or added at a later date


1) External guidance of corrugated tubes

2) Easy to install, without any additional screws or tools

3) TUB holder interchangeable according to hose diameter

How it works


TUB extension

TUBs can be fastened to the side of the E4.1L so that corrugated tubes can be guided parallel to the energy chain. They have a feature that makes it easy to fit PMA clips.

igus® tested

E4.1L TUB with corrugated tube

Guide corrugated tubes safely

The clip on the side of the E4.1L makes it easy to clip in corrugated tubes so that they can be guided safely alongside the e-chain®.

Application example

E4.1L TUB application

TUBs in use

The TUB extension is used wherever additional cables are added later. The parallel guidance of corrugated tubes is especially popular in general engineering.

Product range

Part No.Nominal widths      
System E4.1
E4.32.TUB07/10/12/17     Enquiries
E4.42.TUB07/10/12/17     Enquiries
E4.56.TUB17/23/29/36/48     Enquiries
E4.80.TUB17/23/29/36/48     Enquiries
System E4.1L
E4.38L.TUB07/10/12/17     Enquiries
E4.48L.TUB07/10/12/17/23/29/36     Enquiries

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Delivery time

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