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Material Data igumid & igus® e-chain® Colors

Material data tableUnits
of measure
igumid G/GLW
igumid NB
igumid ESD
igumid TE
igumid GE
Mechanical properties
Yield stressMpa190/13078/40***
Elongation at break%004/00620/210***
Flexural modulus (tensile test)Mpa9000/70002900/1200***
Limit of elasticity (bending)Mpa78003000950012907200
Flexural strengthMpa24012023055200
Shore D hardness-7979837280
General specifications
Moisture absorption 23/50 r.h.% weight1,43,41,90,80,7
Maximum moisture absorption% weight5,67,67,31,64
Electrical properties
Specific transitional resistanceΩ x cm>1011>1011<109>1011>1011
Surface resistance ROAΩ>1011>1011<109>1011>1011
thermal properties
Lower operating temperature°C-40°C-40°C-40°C-40°C-40°C
Upper long-term application temp.°C+120°C+80°C+80°C+70°C+120°C
Upper short-term application temp.°C+160°C+170°C+150°C+140°C+200°C
Material certificates
Flammability as per UL94HBV-2HBHBHB
2002/95/EG (RoHS)YesYesYesYesYes
2002/96/EG (WEEE)YesYesYesYes-
according to RAL, approx.≈RAL9004≈RAL9004≈RAL7015≈RAL9004≈RAL9004
*Values upon request

Colors and special solutions

All e-chains® made from igumid G are available in the colors listed below. Additional colors are usually feasible. Colored e-chains® are basically not available from stock. Delivery time and surcharge for colored e-chain® on request All values listed apply to stability (e.g. unsupported lengths) and material characteristics for black E- Chains® only. Colored e-chains® may have altered characteristics. This also applies for all E-Chains made from special materials (e.g. conductive e-chains® made from igumid GC or other special materials).

Colors for design coding

RAL numbers (approximate)

White ≈ RAL 9003
Index .1

icon grey

Silver grey ≈ RAL 7037
index . 31
(special colour)

Silver-grey ≈ RAL 7037
Index .3 for tubes


Grey-white ≈ RAL 9002
Index .1S
(special color)

Yellow ≈ RAL 1018
Index .4

Yellow ≈ RAL 1018
Index .4
(special color)

Light-grey ≈ RAL 7035
Index .14
(special color)

Many other colours possible – please get in touch with us.
Delivery time for special colours: from 5 working days, further special colours possible from 15 working days