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Pull-out force of crossbars

When stiff or heavy cables or hydraulic hoses are routed in the e-chain®, the notched locking separators increase the holding force of the crossbars. How the holding force of the crossbars of the E4.1 range is increased by the notched locking separators has now been tested in the igus® laboratory.
For this purpose new notched locking separators 56.6 and 80.6 were used, which igus® presented as a novelty at the 2015 Hannover Messe. These locking separators seal the e-chain® additionally and increase the holding force of the crossbars.
The two e-chains® E4.56 and E4.80 were pulled apart respectively in the test machine with increasing force with and without locking separators.
The result: The use of locking separators increases the pull-out force of the crossbars by up to 77%.

Pull-out force of crossbars

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