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Cleanroom products up to ISO Class 1

Whether in a display robot or in pick-and-place applications in semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics:
igus offers components for every cleanroom that bring Tech up and Cost down

In the case of cleanrooms, the requirements regarding the abrasion-resistance of moving components are especially high, as every contamination impairs products and processes. This costs money. We develop and test our high-performance polymer products in our in-house cleanroom laboratory with utmost care. Moreover, in order to provide solid attestation that our products are ideal for use in cleanrooms, the Fraunhofer Institute subjects them to further tests. This enables a broad product portfolio with the best possible cleanroom classification (ISO Class 1).

Advantages of our cleanroom products:

  • Save installation space and weight
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Fast delivery and easy assembly
  • Easily openable e-chains for quick cable replacement
  • Tested and proven long service life with guarantee: 50 million double strokes
  • Chains, cables and connectors available individually from batch size 1 - or as a complete system from a single source

5 highlights in an 8-minute video

Our innovations for cleanrooms

Tech up, cost down: for example, with the new e-skin flat, a flat modular cable guidance with stranded structure - easy to open for replacing cables in minutes.
You can find more information about these and other product innovations at our 400m2 trade show stand. You can visit it virtually, either on your own or together with our industry expert.

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Modular and quick to fill cable guide system

Easy-to-open cleanroom corrugated tube for clearance heights < 200 mm

Easily openable cleanroom corrugated tube with unsupported length

Industry solutions

Cleanroom compatible products

Energy chains

e-chains for the cleanroom

Energy chains in a cleanroom environment have to be especially abrasion-resistant as airborne particles above the strict limits specified in standards are released and can contaminate the cleanroom.

e-chains for cleanroom applications

Cables and hoses

Cleanroom applicable chainflex cables

Pneumatic hoses and various cables with IPA ISO class 1 and 2 - also available ready for connection, suitable for Bosch Rexroth, Festo, Parker, Siemens and many other manufacturers.

Flexible cables for cleanrooms

Linear guides

Cleanroom applicable drylin linear guide

In our range of dry-operating linear guide systems, we offer four models that are certified for use in ISO class 6 to 3 cleanrooms.

drylin for cleanroom applications

Products by cleanroom class

ISO 14644-1FED STD 209EGMP (non-operational)Max. particles (0.5 micron) m³Max. particles (0.5 micron) f³igus products that meet the standard
1N/A N/A Energy chains, cables, corrugated tubes, pneumatic hoses
2N/A N/A see above
31 35 see above + linear guides
410 352 see above
5100A & B3.520100see above
61.000 35.200997see above
710.000C352.0009.967see above
8100.000D3.520.00099.675see above
9N/A 35.200.000996.747see above

The data for GMP and FED STD 209E only serve as a rough comparison and do not take other factors such as bacterial contamination into account. Please contact us to find the right configuration for your project.

Cleanroom tests in accordance with ISO 14644-14 for the rapid development of products for customers

In order to be able to develop new motion plastics that are suitable for use in cleanrooms, the Fraunhofer IPA, working as a development and certification partner on behalf of igus, has designed and built a tailor-made cleanroom laboratory with an ISO Class 1 cleanroom system in Cologne.
In the new laboratory, we can carry out customer tests and new developments in advance under real conditions within a very short time.

Learn more about our cleanroom laboratory now

Application examples for the cleanroom

Questions & answers regarding cleanroom technology products

Do the cleanroom products meet the increasing demands?
Since the quality requirements for cleanroom technology applications as well as those on the part of the customers and test standards are constantly growing, igus® is continuously working on improving its products. For this, igus has already been carrying out tests regarding cleanroom suitability since 1997 in their own test laboratory. In addition, corresponding products are tested externally by the Fraunhofer Institute.
Are igus plain bearings suitable for cleanrooms?
The cleanroom suitability of our iglidur plain bearings is determined on the basis of the wear particles released in applications. The size and quantity of the released wear particles  depend on:

  • the respective pairing of shaft and bearing material
  • further parameters such as load, speed etc.
Therefore, there are no clearly defined cleanroom materials for our plain bearings, but instead they depend on their use. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right material (Contact form).

Cleanroom application of our products Example: use of our energy supply

Further information

Brochure with all cleanroom products

Cleanroom product brochure

Cleanroom classes of our products and information on RoHs and ESD.

PDF download (7.6MB)
ESD & cleanroom products

Information about ESD

More about the igus material igumid for ESD applications.

Permanent, maintenance-free conductivity through igumid ESD