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Multi-axis e-chain® for robots - triflex® R

In 3D applications, rotating and pivoting movements are part of everyday life. Energy chains are required here, which safely guide and protect robot cables. The triflex R (TRE, TRC and TRL) energy chain has been specifically developed for demanding multi-axis robots. Due to its high tensile force absorption and high flexibility, the energy chain enables a rotation of about ±10° per chain link with complicated motions in the vertical axes. Compared to a cable protection hose, triflex R offers a defined bend radius, which greatly increases the service life of cables and hoses.

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Product overview

I am looking for an energy supply system for axes 2-6 on an industrial robot, and also spare parts or accessories to guide cables or hoses safely on the robot.

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I am unsure which energy chain I should choose for my application and need more support/information.

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Innovations from 2021 and 2020

Here you will find the latest products and product enhancements in the field of robotics.

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TRX | revolutionises robot energy supply

Telescopic and twistable combined in one e-chain

  • The TRX adds to the functions of the triflex R series and now makes it telescopic as well
  • Thanks to their patented design, the TRX chain links allow length compensation of up to 40% in relation to each other without being connected to each other and without losing  torsional strength .
  • The rubber band inside the TRX always takes the chain links back to their starting point, and the retraction force can be adjusted via the rubber band 
  • Weight reduction of up to 83% compared to a solution with a retraction system (RSP)
  • Currently, the design study TRX is 100% compatible with TRE.70.110.0B, further chain sizes are to follow

More about TRX

Free TRC and TRE sleeve sample

robust, with high tensile strength, closed or open

  • Discover our product quality for yourself
  • The sleeve provides additional product information that is not immediately detectable
Sample components: 
  • 3 chain links TRC.100.145.0
  • 3 TRE.100.145.0.B chain links
  • 1 mounting bracket with strain relief

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Free TRL and TRLF sleeve sample

lightweight, cost-effective, flexible, openable

  • Discover the product quality of our light triflex R chain for yourself
  • The sleeve provides additional product information that is not immediately detectable
Sample components: 
  • 3 chain links TRL.100.145.0
  • 3 TRLF.100.145.0.B chain links
  • 1 light mounting bracket with strain relief

Order a TRL/TRLF sleeve

Extension of the robot equipment configurator by:

  • 20 collaborating robots from Universal Robots, Techman Robots, Kuka to Yaskawa
  • Quantec-2 from Kuka 
  • GP series from Yaskawa
This results in an additional 2,000 variations, now with a total of up to 12,500 equipment variants in one tool.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Defined minimum bend radius for safe cable and hose routing in moving applications
  • Also as a complete solution including  cables for the energy chain
  • High torsion resistance and defined torsion stop-dog
  • Modular design, can be easily lengthened and shortened
  • Option with fibre-rod
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy filling
  • Available from stock


New possibilities for energy supply on the SCARA robot

SCARA cable solution gives stability at high speeds

  • Nominal hose width 29mm (inside)
  • Size 23 & 36mm in planning  
  • The backbone for the cable guide on the Scara robot
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • Rotary mounting
  • For increasing the service life of corrugated hoses used for Scara robots.

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Further information

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