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Solutions for yachts

Powered sun roof

Sun roof guide

Corrosion-free, low-profile linear guide specifically for applications with very little installation space.

Windows for boats

Window guide

The rail guides made of hard anodised aluminium are tough and corrosion-resistant.

Seats in yachts


Cylindrical, maintenance-free, lubrication-free plain bearings for high edge pressures.

High helix thread in steps

Retractable steps

Lead screw technology based on the principle of lubrication-free, maintenance-free linear technology.

Plastic bearings in ramps

Ramp movement

Very abrasion-resistant for wear-resistant bearings for medium loads.

Plastic bearings in anchor lockers and anchor winches

Anchor lockers and winches

Extremely long service life under extreme conditions – resistant to wear and impact.

Further products for yachts

iglidur P

Sleeve bearing

  • Maintenance-free and cost-effective
  • Low total moisture absorption
  • High load capacity

drylin SLW

Stainless steel linear system

  • Plain bearing material can be selected
  • FDA compliant with iglidur A180 plain bearings
  • High temperature iglidur X bearings, works at up to +250°C

Slewing ring bearings

Slewing ring bearings

  • For horizontal rotary movements
  • Ready-to-install slewing rings for lubrication-free, dry operation

Shaft guide

Stainless steel shaft guides

  • Secured with circlips
  • Enclosed stainless steel adapter
  • Liner material: iglidur® J

Application example with drylin telescopic rails

Extendable boat antenna (DIY)

Solutions for other vessels


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