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igus® solutions for yachts - Cost down, life up

Powered sun roof  
drylin N in powered sun roof (slider)

Corrosion-resistant drylin N low-profile linear guide for guiding powered sun roofs.

Windows for boats  
drylin T miniature guide in the window

Compact drylin T miniature guide for window guide.

Seats in yachts  
iglidur G in seats

Lubrication-free iglidur plastic bearings for seat kinematics.

High helix thread in steps  
drylin lead screw technology in steps

Efficient and durable dryspin high helix threads for retractable steps.

Plastic bearings in ramps  
iglidur MCM plastic bearings

Installed quickly: iglidur clip bearings for ramp movements.

Plastic bearings in anchor lockers and anchor winches  
iglidur Z plastic bearings in anchor lockers and anchor winches

For high edge pressures in anchor lockers and winches.

Further products for yachts

iglidur P  
iglidur P plain bearings
Cost-effective and maintenance-free

Low total moisture absorption, high mechanical strength, cost-effective, low wear rates

drylin SLW  
drylin SLW linear system
Stainless steel version

The compact stainless steel variants of the lead screw linear units are used in harsh environments.

Slewing ring bearings  
iglidur slewing ring bearings

This PRT slewing ring bearing can be used at up to 180 °C and is resistant to chemicals and wear.

Shaft guide  
drylin R shaft guide

Corrosion-resistant linear adapters made of stainless steel (VA 1.4305). Dimension equal to ball bearings.

Solutions for other vessels


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