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Reliable condition monitoring for bus cables without additional measuring cores

smart cf.d New generation of i.Sense CF.D for monitoring the condition of bus cables

Protocol-independent procedure measures the data transmission properties directly during operation

Always with the aim of saving unnecessary costs, we have further optimised the condition monitoring of bus cables. The new measuring method determines the data transmission properties of the cables during operation by using high-frequency technology. This eliminates the need for additional sacrificial cores. One feed-through adapter is looped into the Ethernet cable to be monitored at the beginning and end respectively. The small design of the adapters allows subsequent installation at any time. 
This sensor data can be processed by the i.Cee:plus module during operation. If the transmission properties begin to deteriorate, this can immediately be taken as an indicator for a timely cable replacement. Plant downtime can also be prevented by this intelligent condition monitoring of the entire moving cable including plug-in connector. 
Part number transmitter: IS.CF.D.SU.ETHER01.T.01.0.BETA
Part number receiver: IS.CF.D.SU.ETHER01.R.01.0.BETA

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Improve technology

Tech up

  • Using protocol-independent measurement methods, the transmission characteristics are measured in operation
  • Small feed-through adapters are looped into the cable to be monitored at both ends
  • Connection to i.Cee. plus II module via USB for predictive maintenance information
  • Smart monitoring of the entire moving cables including plug-in connectors

Cost down

Cost down

  • Saving additional measuring cores
  • Small design enables quick retrofitting when changing cables
  • Indicator for timely cable replacement - prevent unplanned plant shutdowns



  • Ongoing test series in the industry's largest test laboratory  for dynamic power transmission systems
  • Try it out in your own application in order to see for yourself; igus® is offering free samples in the beta test phase.



  • No sacrificial cores needed
  • Predictable service intervals save resource-intensive emergency operations

Presentation of new products by Richard Habering

Ethernet overview Overview of the most important Ethernet standards

Transport data reliably with Ethernet

Ethernet is the most widely used standard for local area network (LAN) cabling. According to the current state of the art, a maximum speed of 40 Gigabit/s is possible. Ethernet cables are divided into categories (Cat) from CAT3 to CAT8. CAT5e standard is the most widely used in automation technology. Both mechanical engineering and image processing systems use Ethernet-based bus systems. The high data transmission also makes it possible to implement requirements in the area of Industry 4.0 with smart plastics.  

Smart solutions with chainflex® cables

Condition monitoring (i.Sense) with chainflex® cables requires no additional module.  The system can be integrated and networked without additional software.  In these cases, cables have three options for condition monitoring.  

  • Cable push/pull force measurement (CF.P)
  • Cable electrical property measurement (CF.Q)
  • Transmission quality measurement (CF.D)



  • Condition monitoring
  • measures pull forces acting on cables
  • If there is a fault, the contact closes, and a notification is sent to the machine



  • Condition monitoring 
  • Indicates changes in the electrical properties
  • In the event of a fault, information by means of NO contact and signal



  • Condition monitoring 
  • Integrated in the cable, no extra measuring cable necessary
  • Package losses are detected in good time
  • Alarm via LED, NC contact or the network

The igus® white paper on predictive maintenance

Clarifies the distinction between condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

In this white paper, you will find out: 

  • What igus® condition monitoring (i.Sense) means
  • What igus® predictive maintenance (i.Cee) means
  • What technology is behind both systems
  • What the two systems offer industrial energy supply

Industry 4.0: real-world examples

Customer applications with smart plastics

Smart project planning

Project planning

Get to know expert support and customised solutions for specific applications.

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Smart consulting tool

smart tool

With just a little information about your application, you can make the right choice of smart plastics.  

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Smart brochure

smart brochure

This brochure provides a quick overview of all igus activities relating to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.  

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