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How precision and economy team up

Linear guide systems provide for compact and thereby highly flexible handling devices

Rapidly miniaturized products as well as demand for small production runs require handling devices that are highly accurate and quickly retrofittable. But they should not take up much space and have to be very efficient. The equipment "NTS-Ultra-Speed" from AS-Morawski promises the right remedy here, which is suitable for various industrial sectors. The igus® linear guide systems form the essential basis in the process, which permit handling devices any length and thereby save exorbitant maintenance work.

Glides instead of rolling

For AS-Morawski's handling devices, the drylin® guidance systems of the types "R", "W", "T" and "N" can be used. In contrast to the known recirculating ball bearing systems, the drylin® linear guides from igus® move on gliding elements. They are mostly made of the iglidiur® J material, which is advisable for most applications due to its low-wear and low-friction properties. drylin® linear bearings systems are designed for the dry operation. Dirt accumulation through fat or oil thus belongs to the past. Environmental dust or abrasion do not adhere to the bearing point in clamped processing. Compared with the recirculating ball bearing system, the drylin® guides do not depend on the travel length and do not require a minimum stroke length.

Handling device

The handling device "NTS-Ultra-Speed" from AS-Morawski is suitable for workpieces up to maximum 5 kg and possesses a clock cycle less than 0.5 s

Options for every demand

drylin® R linear plain bearings, which corresponds to the dimensions of the ball lining, use round shafts as parallel partner. Thereby various shaft materials are used. Thus hard-anodized aluminum shafts guarantee minimum wear and low coefficients of friction. Stainless steel shafts in turn have extreme resistance to chemicals and are recommended for the food and bottling industry. CF53 steel shafts offer extremely low coefficients of friction in dry operation at a favorable price. Absolutely low-cost guides can be implemented with drawn St37 shafts exactly like high-tech products use carbon-fiber shafts. drylin® W linear guide systems combine two round shafts in a hard-anodized aluminum profile and grant maximum leeway through various shaft diameters, profile widths, carriage lengths and geometries. In the drylin® T system the carriages however run on a hard-anodized aluminum T rail. In the installation sizes 15 to 30, you can select either manual or automatic clearance adjustment between carriages. All mounting dimensions of the drylin® T type series are the same as most conventional recirculating ball bearing systems. Likewise, the TK-04 miniature guide system runs on a T profile, which can be accommodated even in the smallest of installation spaces. drylin® N flat guide systems are available in four installation sizes with rail widths from 17 to 80 mm. The carriages move respectively in extremely flat anodized C profiles.

Handling device

igus® offers a comprehensive product range that also includes the simplest guide systems for pneumatic cylinders

NTS Ultra Speed

The "NTS Ultra Speed" ideally complements the "NTS-ZS-/H" positioning and supply system - the so-called "endless axis"

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