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The lubrication-free drylin® linear module: unsupported and telescopic

Telescopic and unsupported

Unsupported telescoping

The new drylin® linear module with telescopic drylin® Q guide is suitable for manual as well as electronic adjustment. This unit delivers lubrication and maintenance-free operation to all applications where push and pull forces are transferred. In folding mechanisms, for angle adjustments of monitors, mirrors or inspection cameras as well as clamping elements.

Extension lengths up to 300mm

Max. compressive strength 100N

Unsupported installation

Accessories available (hand wheel, position indicator etc.)

Ready to connect with drylin® E motor kits

Typical application areas: textile industry, actuators, windows, rehabilitation technology, alley adjustments, inspection technology, medical and pharmaceutical technology

Dimensions (mm)

Part No. max. F
LH L total H1 B1 B2 E1 E2 Q1 Q2 tk tg  
QLA-2012-A 100 300 B2 + 2xLH 42 60 54 20 47 12 20 11 6,2  Enquiries

Order key

Type Installation
 Type Pitch Notch
Shaft material
A: aluminium
E: Electrical / NEMA17 spindle motor
C: Electrical / NEMA17 spindle motor with encoder
0025: Ds6.35x2.54
0051: Ds6.35x5.08
0127: Ds6.35x12.7
0254: Ds6.35x25.4

Delivery times


Eight to ten days