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9th competition for exciting plastic plain bearing applications

445 entries from 32 countries

This year’s manus is the ninth manus award to be announced worldwide. 445 entries from 32 countries participated in it with their applications. They have competed for the gold, the silver and the bronze manus.

The winner of the 9th manus competition

manus gold

Cleaning and testing unit  
Cleaning and testing unit

Gold at the manus 2019: A robust, reliable and low-maintenance mechanism for cleaning and testing underwater risers and pipelines

manus silver

Sports catamaran  
Sports catamaran

Silver at the manus 2019: The "iFLY15" sports catamaran, lifts itself completely out of the water on hydrofoils.

manus bronze

Gas ring  
Gas ring

Bronze at the manus 2019: The digital gas ring "Darios" allows you to accelerate with your hands on the steering wheel.

The winners of the 2019 manus were honoured at the Hannover Messe and received the prizes from igus CEO Frank Blase (far right), Tobias Vogel (3rd from left), Vice President and Head of the Business Unit iglidur Plain Bearings and drylin Linear and Drive Technology and Thorsten Beitzel (far left) , CEO igus France.