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Mechanically manufactured sliding blocks made of iglidur® RN 44 plate material

Sliding block


  • What was needed: Material for linear movement, so that the workpiece is able to absorb axial and radial forces
  • Manufacturing process: Extruded plate material was mechanically processed 

  • Requirements: High surface pressure, good friction and wear properties 

  • Material: RN 44 

  • Industry: Mechanical engineering 

  • Advantages for the customer: Maintenance-free, low costs and direct purchase of the finished component.   

Sliding blocks for 2-column lifting platform

For the new construction of a 2-column lifting platform for motor vehicles, we were able to assist our customer (a well-known manufacturer of products for vehicle testing and workshop equipment) with our RN44 . This required a kind of "sliding block" to guide a linear unit in the columns.  The task of this component is to absorb radial and axial forces, depending on the load position.  For this purpose it was necessary to find a material that could provide good coefficients of wear and friction.  We were able to provide the customer not only with our bar stock but also with the finished machined component. This was manufactured from an iglidur bar stock plate using a CNC milling machine.   

Sliding block