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Move loads easier - hybrid bearings with two rollers

New hybrid roller bearing with double roller

Smooth adjustment and very robust in function: these are drylin® W hybrid roller bearings. The new tandem roller bearing accommodates higher loads. The integrated pendulum mounting ensures that the rollers absorb the load evenly. The tandem roller bearings are available in installation sizes ø10 and 20mm, suitable for the drylin® linear rails WS-10 and WS-20.

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Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Two times higher load capacity (compared to the standard version)
  • Uniform load distribution thanks to the swivel bearing system
  • Up to 50% lighter than using two individual bearings
  • Ready-to-fit tandem bearings suitable for drylin® W rail profiles WS-10 and WS-20

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Fast assembly: one component instead of two
  • No alignment: tandem design instead of two single bearings
  • Flexible: two installation positions possible

evidence from igus news


  • Tested: weight of 2 single bearings 464g, tandem bearing 215g, 54% savings
  • Up to four times quieter than metal bearings in operation

recycling with igus news


  • 100% lubrication-free operation
  • No contamination in the application environment
  • Maintenance-free due to self-lubricating high-performance polymers from igus®

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