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RBTXpert remote integration
for Low Cost Automation with a fixed price

RBTX Consultation Appointment

Hardware costs 3-25K euros | Integration work < 100hrs I Stand-alone solutions I ROI < 12 months

Free video consultation with the RBTXpert about your automation project

RBTX: the igus marketplace for low-cost robotics

"Our typical projects have hardware costs of approx. EUR 8,000 20hrs integration effort." Jens Klärner, RBTXpert.
RBTX, the marketplace for Low Cost Automation - now offers the RBTXpert service, the remote integrator for simple automation solutions with a fixed price. During a video call you can describe your project. The RBTXpert will work with you to check its feasibility and create a list of necessary components. They will show you the advantages of various kinematic elements live. At the end of the free consulting session, you should feel confident of your project's feasibility and have a fixed-price quote. As part of the project scope, the RBTXpert helps you with the commissioning of the components.

  • Feasibility check
  • Parts list
  • Determination of the fixed price
  • Remote support for commissioning

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Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Use automation to improve the productiveness and reliability of your processes
  • Tailored consulting for your application

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • No risk thanks to free consulting and feasibility check
  • Lower costs by reducing downtime and quality fluctuation

evidence from igus news


  • Satisfied customers, from SME to DAX
  • Years of automation experience

recycling with igus news


  • Efficient thanks to lightweight robotics
  • Only as much as you need thanks to individual component selection
  • Saves resources thanks to ease of maintenance

In just a few steps to the delivery of your robotic solution: user Journey via the example of a mask dispenser

1. Make an appointment with our automation expert

Select a free time slot. You will receive an e-mail with a calendar day and a link to a video conference.

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RBTX Consultation Appointment
Live consultation for RBTX

2. Live consultation

Free live video consultation with our
automation expert.

3. Feasibility check

Feasibility testing on various kinematic systems. Please feel free to send us your workpiece. For example, your mouth/nose mask.

Price quotation for robotic solution

4. Quotation with fixed price

Free quotation including a binding fixed price for hardware components using the example of the mask dispenser, 6947 euros and an integration effort of less than 100 hours. For this project: 44 hours.

​"More complex projects that cannot yet be implemented with Low Cost Automation and the RBTXpert today will be included in our development plan", Jens Klärner, RBTXpert

5. Parts list

You receive a parts list tailored to your application.

RBTX parts list
Delivery of your individual solution and hardware resulting from your consultation.

6. Delivery of your components

Delivery of your individual solution and hardware resulting from your consultation.

7. Remote commissioning service

As part of the fixed price offer, our expert will support you with the commissioning of your application.

RBTX use cases

We will advise you on your application

Typical applications for the RBTXpert:

  • Pick & Place
  • Inspection
  • Palletisation
  • Dispensing

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