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The robot for AGVs – robolink® DP with driverless transport system

robolink DP for AGV

Plug-and-play kit for robolink® DP with AGV from MiR

The robolink® combined with an AGV is a valuable addition to intralogistics, office management or patient care. In can be configured individually for the relevant application. The robolink® DP, including software and touch display, is available from igus in two variants:

  • without MiR connection frame (part number: DLE-MIR-0001)
  • with MiR connection frame (part number: DLE-MIR-0002)
The entire solution with the AGV (MiR) is available at RBTX, the igus® marketplace for low-cost robotics.

Modular solution for professional service robotics

With integrated software

The robolink® DP robot uses the igus Robot Control system. The software contained in the package connects the system with the AGV software, so that the two can be used together. 
Typical application areas include the following:

  • Bin-picking
  • Transport of small load carriers, products and other objects
  • Automatic loading and unloading of storage and conveyor system in various positions/at various heights
  • Performance of complex handling tasks such as intelligent detection, gripping, sorting or assembly of objects
  • Mobile quality control tests and inventory recording with camera sensors
  • Customer service
  • Patient care

igus Robot Control system

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Using AGVs with robolink® DP autonomously
  • Plug-and-play kit integration for AGV and robolink® DP
  • Autonomous employee support

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Ready-to-use integration with software and hardware
  • Expected amortisation in 12-18 months
  • Use of Low Cost Automation products

evidence from igus news


  • Quick integration – just a few minutes thanks to the plug-and-play system; switch it on, do your plotting, create your stations and you're ready to go

recycling with igus news


igus® supports the circular economy and invests in chemical recycling. Learn more about this topic at Plastic2Oil.

Technical data

  • Height: 1780mm
  • Unloading height: min. 600mm, max. 1500mm
  • Total weight: 22.4kg + 62.5kg
  • Supported container sizes: 300 x 400mm (400 x 600m upon request)

AGV software

robolink® DP

robolink® RL-DP lightweight robot for flexible automation

  • Up to 790mm of reach
  • Available with  igus Robot Control   (optional)
  • Individual colour selection possible
  • Special version for splash water with IP44 available

More about robolink® DP

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