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iglidur® TX1 proved to be the favourite for edge loads

At a customer's request, the motion plastics® specialist igus® compared iglidur® and brass bearings with each other in a wear test at the in-house laboratory. In the customer's heavy-load application, a surface pressure of up to 8.5 MPa and an overturning torque of 37,000 Nm act on the bearing For this purpose the test parameters were converted to the dimensions of the bearings to be tested.

Diagram 1: Wear due to edge load; p: 10 MPa + edge load; v: 0.05 m/s; ß: 32.5°; lubricated

iglidur® TX1 wear test A = cf53 hc   B = Customer shaft   C = iglidur® TX1   D = Brass bearing

The tests in the igus® laboratory show that the iglidur® TX1 bushings have considerably less wear than the brass bearings The average coefficient of wear in diagram 1 is therefore considerably lower. The lowest values are shown by iglidur® TX1 with hard-chrome-plated Cf53 shafts but, with the special customer shafts as well, the wear in the tests is still better than that of the brass bearings by a factor of 6.


In the tests in the igus® laboratory, iglidur® TX1 has a lower coefficient of wear compared to the brass bearing against both tested shaft materials. In addition, the brass bearing showed severe deformation and a crack. Regardless of the shaft material tested, iglidur® TX1 proved to be the most suitable iglidur® material for this application under extreme edge loads.

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