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QuickRobot - complete equipment aid for robot accessories

Choose your robot type and then the three possible complete equipment options on the robot axis. All individual parts are grouped under one overall part number for each robot axis.

While selecting the triflex® R series, note the different designs:
triflex® R - overview  
triflex® R - TRC

3D e-chain®, TRC closed design

triflex® R - overview  
triflex® R - TRE

3D e-chain®, "Easy" TRE design for the quick insertion of cables.

triflex® R - overview  
triflex® R - TRL

3D e-chain®, TRL the light alternative with "Easy" design

We will be happy to provide you with "Stäubli", "Yaskawa Motoman", "Universal Robot" and "Kawasaki" solutions upon request.

The simple way to configure inner separators for triflex® R e-chains®

Create inner separators for the triflex® R TRC, TRE and TRL systems quickly and easily. After selecting the cables, these can be simply added to the chain cross-section using the drag & drop function. The interior separation configurator creates a parts list for the e-chain® and the cables included in the configuration. The configurations can be saved and re-loaded. The whole configuration can be transferred to the shopping cart with one click.
Quick and easy interior separation configuration

Takes the max. filling cross section and cable diameter into account

Creating parts lists

Simple enquiry and order function


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